Perform an Accurate Social Media Audit With These Tips

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A social media audit seems scary as it sounds, but it’s not. Actually, it will be your best friend in running a business. Yes, auditing the online presence of your brand will enable you to understand what is happening across different platforms and how each one fits in your marketing objectives. And with these simple tips, you will see that auditing is not a complicated or labor-attentive process.


What is a social media audit?

It is a process that measures or tracks the progress of your marketing goals. It determines the weaknesses and strengths of your social media strategy. Other than that, it will also help you identify the next steps needed to boost your results moving forward.


Ways to Run an Accurate Social Media Audit

Is this your first time to conduct a social media audit? Then, don’t worry because we got you covered. Here is the step-by-step process that you can follow for your first audit:


1. List your channels

Take inventory of your social media accounts. Which ones are still active and which ones are not? If there are accounts that you’re no longer using, you don’t need to track them anymore. All you need to do is claim them and ensure that they are under your control.


2. Define your goals

Next, define your goals. Social media is broad – it might get a bit overwhelming if you try to juggle too much. That’s why its important to have a small list of goals on your side. Yes, start and work on small objectives first instead of trying to achieve everything in one go.

Some of the most common goals are:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Generating leads
  • Boosting sales
  • Attracting more followers
  • Boosting organic traffic

You can run audits for different social media engagements. Then, analyze them to define new goals. Check which ones are bringing in more customers despite the size of their followers. Don’t forget to now your metrics around these new objectives.


3. Check for inconsistencies

Consistent branding is crucial. However, some details or inconsistencies are easy to overlook. So, look for inconsistencies. Double-check your profiles and make sure that they match when it comes to campaigns, promotions, and creatives.

This includes their bios, “About” sections, banner images, profile photos, landing pages, destination URLs, and hashtags.


4. Go through your analytics

Now that you’re done auditing your profiles and have determined what metrics to look for, it’s time for you to dig into the data. Go through your analytics and identify whether you’re hitting the right metrics or there’s something you need to improve.

This will help monitor if your goals are being achieved. It will also give you an idea about improvements for future content and campaigns. On the other hand, try outsourcing digital marketing experts if you need help with your analytics strategy.


5. Identify top-performing content

Due to consumer interests and certain demographics, some of your social media posts will perform better then others. That’s why it’s vital to learn how each demographic works and which content highlights your profiles most. You can check the quality, images, information, and tone in the posts to determine how your audience and customers perceive it.

To learn about organic reach, check the shares, likes, comments, and impressions of your posts. This will help you strategize for future content on the same lines to further boost engagement. You can also make informational videos, infographics, and other content types surrounding these posts to catch people’s attention.


6. Assess traffic

Learn how your website is performing. This will help you figure out which posts get new customers on board and generate sales. To see ongoing traffic, you can use tools like Google Analytics. You will be able to see real-time numbers and assess your current online performance.


7. See opportunities from new platforms

Always remember that social media is constantly changing. Hence, you cannot stick to just one long-term goal. You must change your focus depending on the current trends and strategize accordingly. This will help you keep up with the competition.

For example, one of the most popular social media platforms today is TikTok. It may seem like only younger people use it, but it’s not. Even older ones download it because of its entertaining and engaging content. It has garnered a lot of users and generated sales around the globe in a short period of time. So, if your business is not yet on TikTok, this is the best time to hop in.

Yes, don’t be afraid to audit new opportunities. See if the latest trends can be incorporated in your social media strategy. This will surely help you cash in more interaction with future and current customers.


Final Thoughts

Social media audit is very useful for any business. It is a great way to keep your marketing strategy fresh and updated. When done right, it can also help you re-focus and ensure that all your plans are on the right track.