New Social Media Marketing Trends This 2022

Social Media Marketing
social media marketing trends

Social media is continuously evolving. Simple status updates are outdated already, they have been replaced with Facebook and Instagram stories, live product selling, and engaging digital communities.

And while new social media marketing trends can feel endless, they also give brands the opportunity to connect with consumers in different ways.

So, what’s are the popular trends this 2022?

Read on, we will be sharing them one-by-one below.

Social Media Marketing Trends This 2022

In the world of advertising and marketing, social media has become a very powerful tool to businesses. But because of its never-ending transformation, marketers must keep a close watch on new updates or trends popping up on different platforms so that they can determine how to win against competitors.

Here are what’s new on social media marketing this year:

Branded Filters

Filters originated from Snapchat – it is one of the best revolutions that happened in the social media world. From a simple banner message below the screen to an interactive lens that changes your looks, these photo overlays have grabbed the attention of many users. Some filters even offer adding virtual makeup to your face.

And savvy brands are taking advantage of the popularity. They have started creating customized filters that allow their followers and customers to show off brand loyalty. The branded filter can be geo-tagged so that only those around a specific area can use it. It is also combined with amazing photo effects to make it catchier.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing isn’t new, but it has upgraded a lot. It is continuing to pick up popularity this 2022.

If you’re not familiar with influencers, they are social media content creators and celebrities who have a large network of followers on social media. These people can be sponsored or provided with free products by in return of brand promotion. With them, you will be able to get guaranteed results as the marketing they offer really builds more connection and trust to followers – compared to paid ads.

Social Listening

Understand the strength and weaknesses of your brand through social listening. Yes, this social media strategy will enable you to analyze what your customers are saying about your business. All you need to do is invest in social listening tools to track your platforms, products, competitors, and any keywords related to you and your niche. You will be able to find if there are negative comments about your products or services, what people are expecting from your brand, and more. Then, you can analyze those details to make better decisions for your next marketing tactics.

Social Commerce

As years go by, social media channels are becoming a one-stop-shop for consumers. At first, they are just platforms for sharing information, staying up to date on latest news, and organizing events. But today, they have started to dip into the industry of e-commerce.

Yes, you can now market your business and sell products directly on social media. You can even do live selling where people can purchase your products straight to the livestream. If you want to improve your conversion rates, you must take advantage of this social media marketing trend.

Interactive Content

People want content that they can engage with. And as a brand, it is your homework to provide it to them. Don’t worry because most platforms are already offering more opportunities for brands to create interactive content easily.

For instance, quizzes, Q&A filters, and polls. All of them are a great way to let your brand connect and interact with target consumers. Additionally, they offer lots of opportunities for data mining. You can use the information you gathered on your next marketing strategy. For example, you even run surveys or polls asking followers for their opinion about upcoming product ideas.

Short Videos

Videos will continue to be one of the best types of engaging content for social media marketing. Lots of internet traffic are coming from videos nowadays, especially short-form ones.

In the past, Snapchat and Vine are the popular platforms for short-form videos. But these days, the social media channel, TikTok, is leading the pack. Its videos are less than a minute long, but it’s interactive, efficient, and attention-grabbing. If you want to stay on trend this year, you must join the TikTok bandwagon to attract more potential customers – it’s never too late.

Paid Advertising

There is no substitute for paid advertising. Sure, organic reach on social media is also effective, but if you want to target those who are specifically looking for your products or services, paid content is the answer.

Paid ads will surely get your content in front of the right people. Just make sure that your content provides value and looks natural. Other than that, you must also narrow your audience to your buyer persona. This can help ensure that you’ll get a higher ROI, since only those who are truly interested in your brand will see the content.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the top social media marketing trends this 2022, it will be easier for you to build your new strategy. Stay competitive. Focus on these trends – they are used by both small and large brands today.